Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Ever spot hints of a yellow handbag in the distance, through a crowd of dull, uniform, black business suits? Or perhaps a beautiful pattern of purples on an umbrella during the rainiest, greyest day? A hint of colour can do wonders - and Alexandra Valenti's work brings out the entire meaning of this for all eyes to see. Photos, telling a larger story.

Adding paint to a photograph sounds like a simple concept, it could perhaps take you back to those pre-school, fingerpainting days. But if done right, as Alexandra has without-a-doubt proven to do with her extensive portfolio, it could do as little as erupt some inspiration within. Who would argue against a little splash of colour in life anyways?

Now, the best thing about Alexandra - take away the whole 'paint' technique from her photos, and you've still got an incredibly talented wizard behind the lens. Her many different pieces of work can be found at www.AlexandraValenti.com.

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