Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Between fashion weeks, editorials and photos of things I won't be able to afford in the next 5 years, we have street style. Something I think I need to look at more. I mean, I visit personal style blogs everyday and I adore every one of them but sometimes you need to branch out a bit.

When I branch out, all I want to do is shop. I tell myself I need something like that. That everything will okay until I get said item. Then something else pops up, and then another, and then get it. Thankfully for me (and my bank account) it's almost always thrift shopping I crave. At times like these, I also wish I lived closer to my parents so I can finally raid all their old clothes I said were ugly when I was a kid. My dad, to this day still wears a denim button up with jeans, and just the other day I asked my mom if she still had, and could send me, the shoes I specifically remember thinking were the ugliest things around. This coming from the kid who wore an over sized red Calgary Flames tee with blue, pink and purple striped shorts.

Anyways, needless to say it's been on my mind non-stop lately. The colours, the prints, the clashing, the big sneakers...the denim on denim! It might have something to do with Beverly Hills 90210 showing up on Netflex. Brandon living the California Dream in a Canadian Tuxedo and Dylan's oversized silk shirts with harem style pants; Donna's bodycon dresses and Brenda's blazer. Love.

South Africa
[via Vice Mag]

Australia / Sweden / Austria
[via Vice Mag]

Jakarta / London / Sao Paulo
[via Street Peeper]

[via Street Peeper]

I also found this amazing tumblr today. Full of Japanese street style. It will make you want to puke rainbows from how awesome people are.

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